Our Company

We’re a Bostie Family. We don’t have kids, we have Boston Terriers.  We love our dogs, and we know how much the bostie community loves theirs.  We find and sell the coolest boston terrier themed gear out there so you can represent your bostie pack.

Our 3 Bostie Pack

Dodger “Old Man”

Dodger was “gifted” to us from a friend who had just had a baby, and he wasn’t getting along with the baby.  When Dodger came into the house the first time, he walked up to my husband and pee’d on his foot.  It was love at first urination.

Dodger is 14 now, and he’s a trooper.  He’s had a fight with a raccoon and won.  He had testicular cancer 4 years ago, and he won that battle too.

We treasure each day we get to spend with him.

Regis “Rumblebelly Thunderpaws”

Regis is his government name, but he has more names than is healthy.  Somedays he’s “Rumblebelly”, sometimes he’s “boo-boo”, but most of the time we call him “Reggie”.

Reggie is also sometimes called “Stick-Bane” because his favorite activity is decimating a stick (or log) that has somehow made it into our back yard.  Seriously, he goes through sticks like a beaver.

Reggie is our 3 year old, high-energy boy, who struggles with anxiety.  He’s on the Zoloft.  He also goes for 15-20 minute runs on max speed/max incline on our treadmill, and loves it.

When he has burned off his energy, he loves cuddling on the couch under blankets.

Maisie “Punky-Paws”

Our only girl, and Reggie’s daughter.  She’s 2. As you can imagine, she’s quite spoiled and has her human-dad wrapped around her tiny dewclaw.  She likes sleeping under the covers and cuddling next to two-leg dad, with her head on his pillow at night.

We’re normally a 2 dog family, but Maisie made 3.  When Dodger went through his cancer scare a couple of years ago, we decided to add another Boston to the Bostie-Pack.  Dodger was getting too frail to be a play-mate with Reggie, so we decided to breed Reggie, then get him fixed so we wouldn’t have to worry about testicular cancer with him later in life.

Regis, Maisie, and Dodger